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Six month braces

Six Month Smiles® - book your free consultation today

A smile that’s spoilt by gaps or crooked teeth can make many people feel self-conscious, reserved, or even ashamed of their appearance... There are various solutions to treat crooked teeth but most take at least 18 months if not 2-3 years with conventional orthodontic treatment or clear braces. However the latest in orthodontics, Six Month Smiles® ‘invisible braces’ can make a big difference fast. Delivering great results in, just six months, they’re perfect, if you need to get ready for a wedding, start a big new job, or just see that ‘brand new you’ sooner when you stand in front of the mirror.

After being developed and tested in America, Six Month Smiles® are now proving very popular over here. This invisible brace system uses very fine brackets and tooth coloured wires to ease teeth in the desired direction, concentrating on the front teeth, because they’re the ones that show when you smile, and not making significant changes to the bite.

There are no bulky and uncomfortable standard braces to wear for long periods, which is what makes them a great solution for self-conscious teens.

Treatment from just £18.50 per week

There is no need to worry about large bills as you can spread the cost of this treatment. Prices start from just £18.50 per week based on upper and lower arches. This includes retainers and tooth whitening!

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 1

    Before treatment

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 1

    After treatment

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 2

    Before treatment

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 2

    After treatment

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 3

    Before treatment

  • Six Month Smiles Case Study 3

    After treatment

How can teeth be straightened in only six months?                

Six Month smiles Orthodontics employs the latest technology and techniques in dentistry to move your teeth quickly and safely. The key components of the treatment are the use of special nickel titanium wires and a primary focus of moving the teeth that show when you smile.

Six months sounds good, but will I still have a mouth full of metal for the whole time?

No! Six Month Smiles treatments use tooth-coloured braces that are barely visible. The wires are usually tooth-coloured as well. These are nothing like the classic train-track metal braces!

Are Six Month Smiles more comfortable than regular braces?

Six Month Smiles Braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably. Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply “tightening” regular braces to get the teeth moving, but that is not true. Six Month Smiles utilizes standard orthodontic mechanics, but with an emphasis on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Will I have to wear a retainer?

Yes you can choose to have a fixed retainer bonded to the back surfaces of your teeth or a removable retainer that your wear a few nights a week to prevent the teeth from moving back after treatment with the Six Month Smiles Braces.

Get your six month smile - book your free consultation

So, if you there’s something special you want to be ready for, Six Month Smiles® will help you see a difference sooner.

This is a great fast and gentle brace system, so why not call on 01484 723788 and arrange a free consulation to talk about this and the other invisible braces we offer at our practice in Brighouse, West Yorkshire?

This page was last updated on the 12th of November 2015

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