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Although we will always do all we can to help you keep your own teeth for as long as possible, it’s sometimes necessary to replace missing teeth with modern dentures.

It’s quite possible to construct dentures to replace a small number of teeth or even a single tooth. We’ll always talk through your options in detail before work begins.

The denture process

To take impressions, construct and fit dentures it’s normal to visit the dentist around four times in all. This is the case whether full or partial dentures are being fitted.

First visit - primary impressions

We will take an alginate impression (mould) of both upper and lower jaws, sterilize them and send them to the dental technician.

Second visit - Bite registration & secondary impressions

Using models made by the dental technician from the impressions, and some wax blocks, the dentist records the way you bite. At this stage we may need to take another impression using the same material as last visit but on a custom made tray. This helps to get an accurate fit for your dentures.

You help the dentist choose the type, shape and colour of teeth you want for your denture. Prices will vary according to the specifications you choose.

Third visit - ‘Try-in’

At this point a wax-plate version of the denture is made so that you can make sure that you are happy with the appearance of your dentures. The dentist will check you are biting accurately. You may wish to bring someone along to give a second opinion of the appearance of the teeth.

If you are not happy with anything, it can be changed at this stage, and we will happily repeat it until you’re completely satisfied with your teeth.

Fourth visit - Final fitting of the denture

The dentist makes sure you are comfortable with your new teeth before you take them home to try out. Just like a new pair of shoes, your teeth may need some “wearing-in” and a little time for you to get used to them. However, if you find that your teeth are causing serious rubbing please ring the practice first thing in the morning and we will endeavour to see you the same day – a minor adjustment by us can make a big difference to you.

Choosing the right type of denture for you

Acrylic dentures

Light, plastic dentures available in a range of different qualities.

Standard acrylic dentures

With contoured gum work is in a strong plastic and a standard quality tooth.

Deluxe acrylic dentures

Very hard wearing, comprised of high quality teeth with improved cosmetic appeal. Again high strength plastic is used. The palate can be made in clear plastic if required. Prices depend upon how many teeth are being replaced.

Chrome / cobalt dentures

These dentures have cosmetic plastic teeth, supported on a metal framework.

As metal is stronger than plastic it can be made thinner and often allows a denture to be made without a full palate, leaving the roof of your mouth free. Special clasps and clips grip the denture to your own teeth giving added security. Usually the denture does not have to fit as close to the gums, which is healthier. They are a very good choice for those who find it difficult to tolerate things touching the roof of their mouth.


Many people struggle with the traditional style of dentures. Because the dentures are rigid, people find them bulky and uncomfortable, and often have problems with them not fitting properly. This can lead to difficulties with eating and speaking, which can in turn affect your self-confidence.

At Town Hall Dental in Brighouse, we offer a brand new type of denture which looks great and is so comfortable you may even forget you are wearing it. These dentures are strong and lightweight, and because they are flexible they are able to adapt to the constant movement of your mouth. The plate is very thin, so there is no bulky heavy feeling that you often have with traditional dentures, and it blends virtually seamlessly with the surrounding tissue.

Book your consultation

Please book a consultation if you would like to find out more about how we can help you to eat and speak with confidence. Call Town Hall Dental on 01484 723788 or fill in the easy to use form on this page.

This page was last updated on the 30th of September 2014

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