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Kerrie's Six Month Smiles Blog

26th June 2015

Hi guys! Well, this is a bit of a delayed seems to have ran away with me these past few weeks! I had my braces removed a couple of weeks ago & all I can say is WOW! I am absolutely chuffed to bits at the result-my teeth look and feel amazing!

I wanted to do some whitening before I took my final picture to show you all the final result although surprisingly enough my teeth looked quite white when the braces were taken off. Five and a half months is all it took to correct my smile & it really has flown.

I hope you have found my blog helpful and if you would like to come in for a free of charge consultation we would be more than happy to book you in. We have £500 off at the moment so get it while you can!

I’d like to say a huge thank you to Kam (and of course his lovely nurse Kayla) for what he has achieved! He's been absolutely fantastic & has made the experience really fun! I'd like to also thank Imran & Rachel for making it possible for me to have a perfect bosses ever!

Kerrie :)

24th April 2015

Hey everyone! Well, nothing much to report at the minute. The wire has been left to do its job and my teeth seem to be slowly but surely moving into place. I haven't needed much filing as the wire is doing most of the work. My lowers are more or less ready although Kam has said they should all be done for end of June so I'm hanging onto his very last word!

I honestly can't recommend Six Month Smiles enough. It was by far the best decision I made to take the leap and get them on! We have loads of offers on our offers page. At the moment we are offering a free consultation and £250 off your treatment cost.

Six month smiles is affordable for everyone and at £18.50 per week...what are you waiting for?

Again, if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me on 01484 723788 or email I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

3rd March 2015

Almost two months in...I’m so happy with how things are going!

I'm really starting to see changes in my teeth and better still...other people are noticing too. The upper lateral incisors which were once protruding are now more or less back in line with the rest of my teeth.

I have noticed that as time goes on, the teeth that were once straight have also moved to give room for the others to move properly. I'm coping relatively well and although speech is still not as it was, everything else has just adapted around the wire.

At my last visit with Kam, he placed a different size wire which really got things moving. It seems the shorter wire would do most of the work therefore I didn't require much IPR (Inter Proximal reduction). This is a procedure whereby a small amount of enamel is stripped between 2 teeth that are touching to create the space required for them to move.

I've said it before and I'll say it again...Don't hesitate to do something about your smile if you're not 100% happy. Six Month Smiles is affordable and short term and can make such a difference.

If you would like more information on any of our treatments call me at the practice 01484 723788. We can arrange a free consultation with one of our treatment coordinators who can discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

Also, if you wish to contact me directly my email is

I will be back soon for another update :)

28th January 2015

Well I'm nearly a month in and can honestly say I'm so surprised at how quickly my teeth are moving. After my first review appointment just last week my wire was removed so Dr Chana could file the sides of the teeth in order to make some more room to move. The filing wasn't painful-not completely pleasant but not painful at all. My teeth have become a little sensitive with the movement but that's about it!

I learned this week that wine gums and brackets aren't all! I managed to knock one of my molar tubes off (the very back metal brackets) but Dr Chana came to the rescue and popped it back on for me... lesson learnt!

I have to say, if there are any people out there not happy with their teeth - don't hesitate! I wish I'd have had these braces years ago. We always have offers on so keep a look out!

Throughout February we are offering half price consultations with our Dentists plus £250 off Six Month Smiles. Alternatively we offer free consultations with our treatment coordinators if you would like to come in for a chat.....

If you have any questions for me please feel free to email me

Will be back next month with my next update :)

9th January 2015

Well, my six month smile brace is on, thanks to the fantastic Dr Kam Chana. I was really surprised at how easy and quickly they went on. Hardly took anytime at all-maybe 30 minutes max...I must admit it felt so strange within the first hour. I felt like I had a real mouthful. After an hour or so my lips started to adjust to the shape of the wire and felt fine. My speech was slightly different but nothing too drastic. The brackets we're rubbing slightly so I applied some ortho wax to the areas to prevent any ulcers. So far so good :)

First nights sleep went fine. Put lots of wax on as a precaution. Eating is interesting to say the least. It's hard not being able to just eat as I did before but it's not forever and will be totally worth it!

After only three days I have noticed that movement has already started.

One of my laterals which was quite out of line to the rest has started moving into place! Unbelievable! Speech is still a bit different and eating is still fairly difficult. I'm sticking to soft foods with no colouring to try keep the brackets looking white-not sure how long that's going to last as I am a bit of a foodie but we'll see!

It's interesting being able to chat to our six month smiles patients as they can give me tips on what to eat and how to make the experience as easy as possible.

Overall it has been a good experience so far...Excited to see the progress and will keep you posted :)

This page was last updated on the 28th of August 2015

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