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An Update from the Town Hall Team.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The Town Hall practice is currently closed but our team are currently taking special measures to ensure the health of our patients and staff alike.

At Town Hall, we now have two dedicated coronavirus leads who are able to discuss any concerns you may have, please contact Rachel or Michaela on the numbers below they will be happy to help 🙂

During the current situation of the coronavirus we are not currently open, however we have implemented dedicated coronavirus leads at the practice who will be working from home to look after your dental needs appointments and emergencies.

Please call our dedicated team members of our team on their direct lines during the following times:

Rachel Practice Manager All out of hours Emergencies Evenings and weekends 07557 446594

Michaela Reception Manager Monday to Friday between 10am-4pm – 07754 759583

Patient Care has always been our priority we are here to support and look after you during this difficult time please do call us stay well keep safe lots of love your Town Hall Dental Team

We are implementing new policies rapidly to ensure that everyone can get the treatment and consultation they require.

Thank you

Advice if you have any dental issues.

Orthodontic (Braces)

Please click the link below for full advice if you are having any issues at all with your Orthodontic Braces.


  • Regular pain killers if you need them.
  • Good oral hygiene with a fluoride toothpaste and reducing your intake of sugary foods will help ensure any decay won’t get worse.


  • If you have an abscess, you can drain it yourself at home.
  • Take painkillers as needed.
  • Hot saltwater mouth washing if its draining.

Bleeding Gums

  • This is usually the result of gingivitis or bleeding gum disease. Gums will not stop bleeding until your oral hygiene improves. Brush your teeth and gums twice a day, spending extra time on the ones that bleed.
  • Invest in some TePe brush or floss to clean between your teeth.


  • Bonjela on the area that is painful before meals in particular.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene.
  • Take regular painkillers if needed.
  • Rinse with saltwater to prevent infection.
  • Use difflam mouthwash to help with pain which can be bought from your pharmacist.


  • Teeth can be sensitive due to receding gums, large fillings or decay.
  • Try placing Sensodyne toothpaste or another sensitive toothpaste on the sensitive area and leaving it on overnight.
  • Use regular painkillers if you need them.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene and limit sugar in your diet to prevent any decay from getting worse.

Lost Filling / Broken / Fractured teeth

  • Emergency dental kit can be bought to patch up the tooth at home.
  • Take regular painkillers if you need them.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene and a low sugar diet to prevent any decay from occurring or existing decay from getting worse.

Oral Hygiene Information (OHI)

  • Brush for a minimum of 2 minutes , twice daily (once before bed) using either an electric tooth brush or a manual tooth brush (small to medium size head, soft to medium firmness of bristles), make sure you brush every surface of each tooth and where the gum and tooth meet.
  • You can also use a single tufted brush/interspace brush in addition to your normal tooth brush to clean along the gum line and around stand along teeth, partially erupted wisdom teeth/hard to reach wisdom teeth or where teeth are inclined/overlapping.
  • When brushing use a 1450 ppm fluoride tooth paste (pea sized amount) spit the paste out after brushing do not rinse.
  • Clean in between the teeth daily using interdental brushes/ easy picks (rubber ended picks) or floss/flossettes.
  • Wait a few hours after eating before brushing your teeth
  • If you use a mouth wash, make sure it is alcohol free and you use this at a separate time to brushing
  • Try to minimise fizzy drinks/sweet/sugar intake, if having this as a treat, keep these to meal times only
If you have a denture, make sure you:
  • Take you denture out to brush your remaining teeth ( 2x daily once before bed), using a pea size amount of 1450ppm fluoride tooth paste – spit the paste out do not rinse
  • Rinse/brush denture after every meal either over a sink or bowl of water so if dropped the denture should land in the water and not break
  • Use a denture brush/toothbrush and warm soapy water to clean the denture
  • Make sure you take your denture out for a few hours daily/or at night time to let your palate breathe
  • Occasionally soak the denture in denture cleansers but follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully
  • When the denture is not in the mouth it should be stored in clean water

Note: Boiling water, bleach or other household cleaners must be avoided when denture cleaning

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