Rachel needs your help



Rachel Dilley is our practice manager, and a veteran of charitable work and manager of multiple businesses and health practices in the West Yorkshire area. What you didn’t know is that she’s secretly been nominated for a business award! The secret is out, but she still needs your help to claim the award. This is where we all come in.

What are the awards about?

The Yorkshire Choice Awards recognise local people and independent businesses that are an inspiration in their field. The categories cover a wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, yet they all have one thing in common. In just 2 years The Yorkshire Choice Awards has grown considerably, celebrating inspirational Yorkshire folk.

These awards are a chance to reward members of the business community with some recognition for the outstanding contributions that they make to the world and the people they encounter. This is why we nominated Rachel, but we need to secure as many votes as possible to ensure she makes it to the finals.

What does Rachel actually do?

As many of the visitors to our practice will know, Rachel does plenty! You’ll already know that Rachel heads up the award-winning team at Town Hall Dental. Town Hall Dental has benefited from Rachel’s hard work, great team management and attention to patient care. the practice has gone on to win numerous awards itself, including Best Patient Care in the Country at the 2017 Dentistry Awards. We often mention what a positive influence she has upon us and what an inspiration she is to the team

“Rachel Dilley is one of the kindest, most conscientious individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing business with” Says Craig Hendry at Infinitus Studios.

Additionally, Rachel also Manages XXXXXXXXX, in Halifax, where her tireless efforts in spearheading the team have brought about improved levels of care to many individuals and families in the Calderdale and Kirklees areas.

If Rachel wasn’t stretched enough, she still finds the time to squeeze in her charity work. Not just working towards the planned “Town Hall Foundation”, but in more household charities you’ll know and love, for example the “Overgate Hospice” in Calderdale. Check out the latest event that Rachel managed here in our blog following the Charity Fashion Show.

Overgate Hospice

What many people probably don’t know, is that as well as giving so much to the people she encounters in her working day, Rachel is also a full-time carer at home where she provides the keystone to her family unit. Few people could possibly ever know the level of dedication this commitment takes unless they do it themselves.

This is why we’d like for you to support Rachel Dilley; friend, colleague, mother, wife and inspiration, for the Business Woman of the Year Award.

Send her a Vote

If you’d like to show Rachel some support and cast a vote in her direction, then simply click here, and vote in the business woman of the year category.

You don’t have to vote in any other category if you’re pressed for time, so please head on over and make your vote count and fingers crossed, we can help her gain the recognition she deserves.

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